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Puppy Reservation Agreement

BREEDER: Megan Verdugo
Facebook: @starshine puppies
Sex: _________________
Purchase Price:___$2500___________
Reserve Price: __$500___________
DEPOSIT AND REFUND POLICY:  FIRST RULE:  If you are not certain you want a puppy from us, do not send a deposit!  DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!   To reserve a puppy, we require a deposit.  Once we have committed to you a puppy, we tell others it is not available…Therefore if you change your mind, you leave us high and dry looking for a new home for a puppy. Prior to leaving, if the puppy becomes unfit to sell, purchaser agrees that the seller has the right to refund the amount paid and all agreements between the purchaser and seller are void. All agreements must be in writing to protect both the purchaser and seller. Please 
sign, date and return our agreement and pay our non-refundable deposit. We accept Venmo, Zelle, a check in the mail or PayPal. If using Paypal we ask that you add $18 to pay the PayPal fee for a total of $518. Pay in cash at time of pick-up if the puppy is not paid in full before it leaves. Springer Spaniels must be picked up at 8 weeks of age. If not possible Starshine Puppies will charge you an additional $20 per day to board your pup.

Where did you hear about us?_________________________________

Buyer’s Email_________________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone number____________________________________

Buyers name (Print)______________________________________

Buyers Signature___________________________________



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